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On forever ban:
All random spammers are to be banned forever

Rules for guests and members:
No spamming.
No trolling.
Respect mods and owners, if you have problems with them, as in power abuse, or something. Contact Ally or Martin.
No ruining endings of video games, movies, TV shows or books
No passing yourself off as other people
Please don't fight in the chat.
If you already have been banned, and you've already finished the ban, you do NOT start again- as in you do not get three more chances till your next ban. You go straight into another ban.

Rules for mods and owners:
Do NOT ban/kick just because you feel like it
All mods must be approved by Ally or Martin
Do not unban without consulting with Ally or Martin

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1. If you Disobey one rule we will give you a warning.
2. If you disobey twice its ban for an hour.
3. If you disobey three times its a day.
4. Banned for 2 days.
5. Banned forever.

On forever ban: